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Liquor Liability InsuranceAt RAN Agency, we understand that owning a business that serves alcohol comes with its unique challenges and risks. Whether you operate an established establishment or host special events, there’s always the possibility that an intoxicated patron could cause harm to themselves or others. As insurance specialists based in Maple Grove, MN, we’re here to offer you a comprehensive solution – Liquor Liability Insurance.

Designed to protect your business from the financial consequences of accidents associated with alcohol consumption, liquor liability insurance is essential for any entity that manufactures, sells, serves, or facilitates the use or purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Liquor liability 101

There has always been a great deal of confusion about the need for liquor liability, even among insurance professionals. Liquor liability laws vary greatly by state, and insurance policy coverage options are often confusing. Here are the basics:

Liquor Liability Insurance: The Key to Mitigating Risks

Liquor liability insurance offers vital protection against financial losses or damages resulting from a claim involving an inebriated patron injuring either themselves or others. By securing this type of coverage, you can safeguard your business from potential lawsuits that may arise in such situations, thereby ensuring the long-term viability of your enterprise.

Moreover, liquor liability insurance is not limited to bars and restaurants. It caters to a variety of businesses, including:


Event organizers

Breweries and wineries

Alcohol distributors and wholesalers

Grocery stores and liquor stores

Simply put, if your business deals with alcohol in any way, liquor liability insurance is a must-have to shield you from the unforeseen risks it may present.

Consider this…

When an intoxicated patron leaves your bar or store, gets into his car, drives, and commits vehicular manslaughter, the victim’s family could sue the bar for both civil and criminal damages.


Or suppose a restaurant serves alcohol at a catered event, where two guests have a fight, and one incurs serious injuries at the hand of a drunk person.


It’s vital that if your establishment serves alcohol, you protect yourself from potential financial losses by being covered with a liquor liability policy. In the above examples, liquor liability insurance could help cover the bar’s legal costs, court fees, and any civil or criminal damages awarded.

What does liquor liability insurance cover?

A good deal of alcohol-related liability claims filed against bars, taverns, and restaurants are a result of liquor-induced fights or altercations. In fact, just escorting an unruly patron to the exit is frequently enough to trigger an assault and battery allegation. Along with coverage for these events, litigation costs, including the fees to retain an attorney and court costs, may also be covered under a liquor liability policy.

Worried about the cost?

We specialize in covering local businesses like yours. We have everything you need right here, including:

Why We're Different

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers vary when it comes to structuring a policy tailored to you.


After all, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business.


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